Excessive Sweating Treatment with Botox

In Brief

Treatment performed by: Dr Cristina

Product used: Botox Allergan

Session duration: 30 minutes

Downtime: little to none

After Treatment: some swelling, redness and possible bruising

Results last for:  4 months

Price: from £ 370


  1. What is Botulinum Toxin and how does it work?

    Botulinum Toxin is produced by a Bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum.

It’s medically used to treat a variety of conditions, including bruxism, migraine and excessive sweating.

In aesthetics it’s used to smoothen lines and wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin works by blocking the communication between the nerves and the muscles. This results in muscle relaxation, which provides a smoother appearance of existing fine lines and wrinkles and also prevents the formation of new lines and wrinkles, by decreasing muscle movements.

  1. What can I expect from the treatment?

    Botox is a safe, effective and minimally invasive treatment that will significantly reduce the production of sweat by blocking the nerve signalling to the sweat glands.

It can be used to treat excessive sweating in several areas of the body:

  • Under arms
  • Scalp
  • Hands
  • Feet
  1. Who will perform the treatment and what products do you use?

The treatment is performed by Dr Golfomitsos, it’s delivered using very small needles and does not require any form of anaesthesia.

It’s very well tolerated, with most people reporting only mild discomfort.

  1. How long does the treatment take?

Each session lasts about 30 minutes.

Prior to the treatment you will have to schedule a consultation with the Doctor to be assessed for suitability, to discuss goals and to choose the best treatment option for you.

During this consultation you’ll be made aware of treatment’s benefits and side effects and you will have to sign a consent form.

  1. How long do the results last for?
  3. The effects of Botox start to become apparent 3 to 14 days post treatment and they last for 3-4 months. After repeated treatments the effects can last up to 6 months.
  1. Are there any side effects?

  2. Common side effects are:

Pain or stinging at the injection site
Swelling, redness

Mild bleeding and bruising at the injection site

All these usually settle spontaneously within a few days after treatment.

  1. What is the downtime and after care?
  3. Botox has no down time, you can go back to work and resume your activities right after the treatment.

However there are some recommendations to follow in order to maximize the effects of your treatment such as:

– Do not consume alcohol or perform vigorous exercise for 24 hours

– Avoid hot bath, saunas and steam rooms or other extreme sources of heat for 48 hours

– Do not massage the treated area for 24 hours

-Do not wash your hair for 24 hours after scalp injections

– Avoid non-steroidal analgesia as they might worsen the bruising

Excessive sweating 1
Excessive sweating 2

Prices - Botox for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Under Arms: £ 370 Scalp: £ 450 Hands: £ 400 Feet: £ 400