Non Surgical Rejuvenation

For A Youthful Flawless Appearance

Dr Cristina Golfomitsos

Dr Golfomitsos is a highly trained NHS Cardiology and Acute Medicine Consultant, with 20 years of medical experience. She is also a passionate Cosmetic Doctor and she is Save face accredited.

Dr Golfomitsos developed an interest in Aesthetic Medicine in 2018 and gained multiple certifications and advanced training in Medical Aesthetic treatments.

Dr Golfomitsos is very passionate about helping people look younger, more attractive and healthier, by restoring facial volume, softening lines and wrinkles and rehydrating the skin, by stimulating your own body’s regenerative process.

She achieves that by using minimally invasive non surgical treatments to obtain a natural look.

Dr Golfomitsos strives to formulate the best treatment regime, tailored towards the individual needs of each patient, through a thorough evaluation performed during the initial consultation with the patient.

aesthetic treatments



"I had my first treatment for an eye brow lift with Dr Golfomitsos. She was very professional and evidently has extensive knowledge of facial anatomy which made me feel at ease. The treatment itself was quick and painfree. I am happy with the result and would recommend her to others"



"I went to see Dr Golfomitsos for a lips filler. I am really pleased with the results. She is very professional and attentive and she really did listen to my requests. I’ll definitely recommend her"



"It was my first time having an aesthetic treatment to my face. Dr Golfomitsos was recommended to me by a friend. She is extremely professional, she put me at ease immediately on realizing I was scared and nervous. She explained the treatment in great detail. The treatment was painless and the results very natural, just as I wanted. Highly recommended"



"I was looking for a natural way to rejuvenate my skin without looking fake. Dr Golfomitsos proposed Microneedling with PRP. What a great treatment, it uses your own body’s growth factors. Very tolerable. The Dr has a very light hand, I hardly felt it. Looking forward to my next treatment"