Hands rejuvenation with Microneedling + PRP

In Brief


Treatment performed by: Dr Cristina

Device and Product used: SkinPen + PRP

Session duration: 45 minutes

Downtime: little to none

After Treatment: some swelling, redness and possible bruising

Results: start to become visible 4 weeks after initial session. Multiple sessions needed for optimal results

Price: from £ 300



What is Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) and how does it work?

Plasma is the liquid part of blood that provides a vehicle for red cells, white cells and platelets to circulate throughout the body.

Platelets are blood cells responsible for clot formation and they are essential for the body’s regenerative, healing process. They are very rich in growth factors. 

PRP is obtained by taking a sample of your blood that is then spun in a centrifuge for few minutes, to separate the red cells, that get discarded, form the plasma containing platelets.

The PRP obtained is then microneedled onto the hands.

What can I expect from the treatment?

The growth factors, contained inside the Platelets, stimulate the production of new Collagen within the skin. This results in a younger, smoother, plumper and brighter looking skin.

The number of treatments needed depends on skin type and condition.

Usually a minimum of 3 treatments, with 4-6 weeks intervals, is needed to achieve optimal results.

It can be safely performed on any Fitzpatrick skin type.

Who will perform the treatment?

The treatment is performed by Dr Golfomitsos, it’s delivered using Microneedling with SkinPen.

Prior to the treatment, a Lidocaine cream is applied onto the skin to render the treatment as comfortable and painless as possible.

The treatment is very well tolerated, with most people reporting only mild discomfort.

How long does the treatment take?

The treatment session takes about 45 minutes. 

Prior to the treatment you will have to schedule a consultation with the Doctor to be assessed for suitability, to discuss goals and to choose the best treatment option for you. 

During this consultation you’ll be made aware of treatment’s benefits and side effects and you will have to sign a consent form.

How long do the results last for?

Results start to become visible 4 weeks after your initial treatment.

Multiple sessions are required for optimal results.

Once you have completed the whole course of recommended treatments, the final result will last for 6-12 months. 

After this period, a maintenance treatment will be required.

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects are:

  • Pain or tenderness
  • Swelling, redness, mild bleeding and bruising 
  • Numbness, tightness 
  • Dryness and Itching

All these usually settle spontaneously, within a few days after treatment.

What is the downtime and after care?

Microneedling + PRP has very little to no down time. Redness and swelling last for a couple of days. 

You can go back to work and resume your activities the same day of the treatment.

There are some recommendations to follow in order to maximize the effects of your treatment such as:

  • Use sunscreen and stay out of the sun for 24 hours
  • Use a clean pillow case and towel
  • Do not wear make up for at least 24 hours 
  • Do not perform heavy exercise for 48 hours
  • Do not shave for 48 hours
  • Don’t have any other clinical treatments for 1-4 weeks post treatment.

Prices - Hands rejuvenation with Microneedling + Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP)

1 session: £ 300
3 sessions: £ 800 (save £ 100)
6 sessions: £ 1600 (save £ 150)