Body Scars

Any type of injury to the skin in the form of a cut or wound will leave a residual scar.

Scarring is a physiological repair, healing process.

Scars can have multiple appearance; they can be small and fine, as after a surgical procedure, they can be irregular and hypertrophic or sunken, to the extreme keloid formation, depending on the mechanism of the injury to the skin.

In the darker skin types, scars tend to assume a darker coloration, compared to the rest of the skin.

Microneedling, on its own or in combination with Platelets rich Plasma (PRP), Ploynucleotides inections, Mesotherapy and HIFU  have all been proven beneficial in smoothing the surface of the scar tissue and also lightening the colour.

Scars can be treated with Microneedling with PRP, Mesotherapy and HIFU to improve their appearance

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